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        Plasticizer of lowtemperature resistance DOA1

        Properties: light yellow oily liquid, viscosity: 14.6mPa.s(28°C), refractive index: 1.4464(20°C); soluble in most organic solvents, slightly soluble in ethylene glycol, insoluble n water. It is an excellent cold resistant plasticizer for PVC, can take the place of DOA and DOS. It features high efficiency, low color change on heating. It can achieve good low-temperature softness and light resistance of subjects and can prevent the static accumulation on surface. Basically non-toxic.

        Spec.: In accordance with Q/THG 007

        Index Name Grade One Qualified product
        Appearance transparent light yellow oily liquid without visible impurities
        Luster(Pt-Co)≤ 80 150
        Density,(20°C)g/cm3 0.920-0.940 0.920-0.940
        Acidity/(mgKOH/g) ≤ 0.30 0.50
        Loss on heating, % ≤ 0.50 0.70
        Ester content[1]/% ≥ 99.0 99.0
        Flash point/°C ≥ 175 170

        *[1]: Ester content is the guarantee index.

        Use: It is an excellent cold resistant plasticizer for PVC. Can be used together with DOP and DBP for cold-resistant agricultural film, cables and wires, sheet, leatheroid, outdoor pipes, synthetic rubbers, nitroncellulose and polystyrene etc.

        Packing: Net wt. 180kgs metal drum or upon clients' request.

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